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Respect everyone, regardless of rank.


Be proud to be a part of something bigger than the game.


Feel good about yourself. Learn from your mistakes.


Always go above and beyond the call for your clan, your team, and your squad.


Honor the efforts of everyone, because anyone can make a difference.


As a clan, we are a community, and every community needs a codex and rules to function properly. The 89th Infantry Division Clan Codex is a general guideline for your clan life with the 89th Infantry Division, while the Rules are made to regulate specific situations.


The 89th Infantry Division members are selected based on their behavior, dedication to the clan and how well they fit into the clans value. We pride ourselves in being a diverse clan and accept players of any race or nationality. You may be asked to join by a current clan member, or you may wish to apply on your own behalf.

New members must be at least 18 years old.
This is a soft limit; exceptions are made for active, mature members of the server, or current members who may have a family member who wishes to join.

New members are considered Recruits for twenty-eight (28) days.


Our clan utilizes Teamspeak to communicate with each other. It is strongly expected that you download Teamspeak and join us on our channel. Although Teamspeak is not required, it is expected that you use it. Not only is Teamspeak used to help each other on the battlefield, but also for clan meetings. Non English speaking members are not required to use Teamspeak, although they are always welcome to join.

*All rules under section Member Rules article Maturity apply on Teamspeak.

Please have common sense when using Teamspeak.
Try to keep the topic game related when members are playing.
Use a name that exactly matches or closely resembles your in-game screen name.


Hacking is grounds for dismissal from the clan and its servers. This is a zero tolerance policy.
Hacking includes hardware or software that is not supported by the game which gives a player a definitive advantage over others.


All members are expected to conduct themselves in a mature manner. We are all adults, and should act as such. Adult natured language and joking is all good, but has its limits.

  • Excessive foul language will not be tolerated. (On Teamspeak, some members play through a desktop speaker setup, so please be considerate.)
  • Racist/Racial natured comments will not be tolerated.
  • Sexist/Sexual natured comments will not be tolerated.
  • Flaming other members of the clan will not be tolerated.

Multiclaning on Battlefield 1 PC is not allowed, however there are exceptions.

  • Claning on other platforms (Xbox, PlayStation) is OK.
  • Claning on other games (CS:GO, Rocket League) is OK.

If you want to join another Battlefield 1 PC clan you are free to do so, however we expect that you let us know that you are leaving.


Spawn Camping

Spawn Camping happens when a player positions themselves in a manner to guard a specific position on the map where an opponent spawns. Spawn camping, in general, in not allowed. However there may be unavoidable situations where spawn camping is acceptable.

  • A player may spawn camp if the opposing team holds NO CAPTURE POINTS. In this case, the player has little choice but to camp the enemy uncap.
Spawn Killing

Spawn Killing happens when a player positions themselves in a manner to kill an opponent AS SOON AS THEY SPAWN on the map. Spawn killing, in general, is not allowed. However there may be unavoidable situations where spawn killing is acceptable.

A player may spawn kill if the opposing team holds NO CAPTURE POINTS. In this case, the player has little choice but to attack the enemy uncap.

Spawn Killing is NOT:

  • Killing an enemy who has made forward movement immediately after spawning.
  • Killing an enemy who has spawned on a squad mate taking fire.


As a player of the Battlefield series, you are responsible for understanding the importance vehicles play, and their role. Vehicles are treated as they would be on a real battlefield.

  • Destroying enemy vehicle assets (land air) behind enemy lines is acceptable.

It is a players duty to make sure the land and sky are clear of enemy vehicles before deploying in a vehicle.

Vehicle Ramming
  • Ground to Ground: Allowed
  • Ground to Air: Allowed
  • Air to Ground: Allowed
  • Air to Air: Not Allowed

Air to Air vehicle ramming will be handled in the following manner:

  • 1st Offence: Player will be given a warning with their first offence.
  • 2nd Offence: Player will be immediately kicked from play, without warning, with their second offence.
  • 3rd Offence: Player will be banned from play for seven (7) days, without warning, with their third offence.
Team Switching

In general, team switching to win is poor sportsmanship. Team switching to be with friends is acceptable. If a player is team switching to win, they will be kicked off the server.

Team Stacking

In general, team stacking to win is poor sportsmanship. If the opposing team has been consistently losing, consider helping them out. This isn’t a requirement, nor a rule. Its just polite.

Posing as [89th]

No public playing member of the server shall pose themselves as a [89th] clan member.
This is considered a serious violation of your privilege to play on our server, and will be handled with an immediate ban from our servers.

Donations/Server Payments

Donations are accepted by anyone who wishes to contribute to the community servers (website, game servers, prizes). Donations are greatly appreciated, however this does not imply that the donor will advance in the community nor necessarily get accepted into the community. The 89th Infantry Division may implement special levels or services for people who contribute to the servers. Contributions should only be made for the well-being of the community and not for personal gain. The 89th Infantry Division funding will be handled appropriately by the 89th Infantry Division Leadership. Further, all 89th Infantry Division expenses and funding will remain public knowledge and will be reported monthly by leadership in efforts to maintain transparency.

These rules can be changed or altered at any time by the clan. It is up to every member of the 89th Infantry Division to know these rules.