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89th Infantry Division

Above The Rest

Welcome to the 89th Infantry Division! We are a mil-sim Battlefield 1 (PC) clan, with ranks and clan structure based on a simplified and slightly modified WWI rifle platoon.

The 89th focuses on squad-based tactics while playing Battlefield, where our game nights revolve around following instructions by your squad leaders and officers.

As a Recruit in the 89th, you’ll be expected to be a team player as a member of a squad, follow objective orders in-game, and be an active member of the clan. Real life comes first, but we’re always looking for people to squad up with on TeamSpeak when we’re not playing an organized game night!

If you’re interested in playing with a team that plays the objective, coordinates attacks, and supports one another in and out of game, then apply today! We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

  • Bad Times 0% 0%
  • Casual 50% 50%
  • Strategy 50% 50%
  • Enemies Compromised 100% 100%
  • Fun 100% 100%